Plantt Me
Making The Garden City Green Again.

The Inception

The idea of ‘’ stemmed from just doing up our own office space. We felt the positive effect of the plants on our creativity and felt like we needed to spread the green to as many people as we could. After much thought we decided to push this out in a big way and make it part of our CSR activity.

The Result

We built a website, the premise of which was simple. You buy a plant from us and we deliver it to your doorstep. Share a photo of your plant on social media with #Plantted and put the onus on your friends by tagging them. Our hope is that this has a snowball effect and helps us transform our homes and workplaces into cleaner, greener spaces!

A portion of the proceeds goes to APD India toward funding training programs to help subsidise the cost for the underprivileged and physically challenged workforce of our nation.