Google Analytics For WhatsApp.

The Challenge

WhatsApp has 1.2 Billion users- one-sixth of the world's population. In addition to this, there have 250 Million users in India alone. A survey found an average of 37% of all chat on Whatsapp is work related, which equates to about 5 Billion messages per day.

All of this activity and data, but there isn’t a single meaningful platform to analyse this communication. Yet.

The Result

We’re building an app to tackle this. It combines AI, NLP ad Big Data principles to analyse business communications carried out on various platforms such as whatsapp to reveal insights that might not be apparent. These informal conversations are often the best, and earliest, barometer to measure the immediate health of your ongoing projects.

Arya Analytics puts you in the best possible position to pre-empt client requirements or spot troublesome issues at the earliest stages. By putting you always a step ahead, Arya lets you focus on exceeding your clients’ expectations while better managing your own team. Arya helps you run your business better.